Question Yes No
I feel that high quality learning can take place without having face to face interaction.
I prefer to learn independently. I'm self-motivated and like to work at my own pace.
I enjoy interacting with others and responding to discussion questions even if I can't see my classmates.
I like to complete what I start. I do not give up easily, even if confronted with obstacles.
I am a good time manager. I can reserve six to ten hours per week to work on my online courses.
I am willing to contact the instructor when I need help with this course.
I believe I possess the appropriate reading skills for college level courses.
I have (or I am willing to obtain) access to a computer and phone line/cable at home.
I have the required computer hardware and the necessary software to participate successfully in online courses.
I know how to navigate the Internet with a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.
I am capable of taking notes from textbooks, TV programs, and online lectures.
I am familiar with a word processing software program.
I have my own e-mail account. I know how to access my e-mail and send e-mail messages.