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Services or Offerings?
25Live is the University’s academic and event space scheduling system. It is used to create and maintain the schedule of classrooms for courses and spaces for campus events.

This self-service tool allows you to look up your FSU Account (username or Banner ID).

Creative Cloud is a suite of applications that provides access to a collection of software and mobile apps used for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography.

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based service that lets allows you to request, track and manage the e-signature process.

Classroom and lab support provides help with technology used in classrooms and labs.

Banner Document Management is a scanning and storage system used by departments to store, retrieve and process paper documents

BroncoTechs staff the IT service desk and the technology support center.

Business Systems & Analysis provides service and support for various business and finance systems including: Anaplan, Argos, Automic, Banner Finance, Chrome River, FormFusion, Intellecheck, Jaggaer, TMA Systems, and TouchNet.

Canvas is our web-based learning management system (LMS).

Data Classification is a service provided to help you define and categorize files and other information.

Degree Works is an online degree evaluation advising tool that helps monitor student progress toward degree completion.

Office 365 is our productivity platform that includes access to the Microsoft Office apps, tools and services. Directory updates are also managed by our E-mail & Office 365 group.

Our Enterprise Service Management System (ESM) is highly configurable and can be used for ticketing and other service management functions.

Our Information Security Office can assist with general security concerns.

Before purchasing hardware, software, services, or IT/medical/scientific products, they must be assessed for security risks.